Friday, June 5, 2009


World leading experts will now inform us about what we already know. We are living through a global shift never before experienced by society.
Wealth will shift. Fortunes will be lost. There will be the new rich. Millions will slip back into poverty. Competition will increase between people, companies, mega corporations, countries, nations and the elite.
Uncertainty, fear of scarcity and poverty will be reborn. The fear of scarcity race is on at the moment, more about this in a later blog.
War is born out of fear.

Economists are busy creating flowery innovative language to propell into a super well managed future, like the past. Nothing new, governments, mega corporations, everyone, you and me working together, to create a new honest and greed free society for the better of man.

The Irish Government and company are now busy deciding whether future generations will enjoy a feast or will it be poverty and famine.
Has greed, secrets and lies trapped people?

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