Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Law is man made.
Opinion formers, superbig egos, loose greedy minds.
Around the world the oceans, have become forceful and unpredictable. The world is facing big challenges. There are transformational changes occurring in the sky. Fear of unemployment, disease, total collapse of the world economy, and famines around the world. Will disease waves wipe out thousands, maybe millions?
The farmer in India, sprays his crops, that spray is banned in Europe? Do you gorge on these fears?
It appears to be one fear after another to worry about, something new next week, museum quality. It makes me feel anxious. We obsess about this, that and the other.
We feel overwhelmed by intimidating news from all angles? Super intellect, men and women, the media. Who know the answers. Who do I trust? I ask and serch, for wisdom, what next.

Laws are man made and archaic.
Laws for a different time and era.
No one is morally obliged to tell the truth!!
The earths soul is shifting.