Monday, June 15, 2009


Cleveru reflects what exasperates me most about society. It gives me the opportunity to communicate my feelings to the wider world. None of us pass through life without been buried in "dirt". We play different parts, roles and take on a cocktails of characters during our journey. You may be feeling very important and confident but you do get to play the other parts. Our life is in constant flux and sometimes we make wrong choices or fate intervenes. We learn not to be judgemental of people.

Politicians make rules and regulations to suit
themselves, family and friends for today and tomorrow. These decisions could hinder and have a debilitating effect on their children and grandchildren.

It important that we have people in society who criticise. Criticism penetrate what is going on more deeply and smashes it apart. We need people of courage who will not be afraid to
speak the truth and blow the whistle.

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  1. it's so easy to attach to one 'role' and forget that we have been and will be all at some point.
    thank you for this reminder.