Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The daily birth rate is around 200,000 every day. Do you worry about how the world will provide food and basic human entitlements?
The shift is now forming. It will be decided for humanity. The foundation is built, the change is taking place, its not rocket science.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Child Abuse Report.
Who else knew what was going on in these industrial institutions?
Doctors, barristers, judges, solicitors, teachers, church officials and the government of the day. Many of these children worked as slaves in wealthy households around the country? The stiff upper lip society who thought they were better than anyone else. Several people played the game in secrecy.

In todays world observe the corrupt and secretive ways some financial institutions manage their business. Then the government and developers who schemed and planned for their own personal gains. We now have massive unemployment and our politicians want to manage Europe!
Who is qualified for that job?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Lies, lies and more lies. Have you told many lies? A few thousand? A lie is false information given to another person with the intention of deceiving. There are small lies and big lies. Lots of big lies told over time have the ability to bring down a nation and destroy the lives of many people. That is why we are experiencing a financial blackout, a troubled economy and a decline in the building industry.

Another can of worms has just crashed open about our past, the Child Abuse report. The religious institutions at that time had power and privilege. Power was corrupt then just as it is today. Sometimes man turns into a beast, well he or she acts like one. The State did a brilliant cover up job. The truth eventually leaks out, but how many lives have been destroyed? Just like today no one had the courage to speak out, even though many knew that abuse was rampant in some institutions.

Time is running out! It's time for self-reflection into all parts of our life! I was very moved by a programme on terminal illness shown some time ago. On his death bed, this terminally ill man, spoke out about how he regretted, the suffering he inflicted on one of his friends. He wished that he was able to go to that person and say, he was sorry for his actions. The greatest examination of your life happens on your death bed,
don't wait until then, do it now!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Civil law is man made.
However ingenious, anything man made is imperfect.

Are they steering us towards the iceberg?
They can bail out the rich bankers.
Why don't they bail out the millions of children
who are dying of poverty and starvation?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


We had a leading PR expert Max Clifford in Dublin this week. Perhaps he was creating soundbites for a Political Party that is suffering from old age. Listen to the soundbites during the next few weeks!

The poverty of our politicians who don't speak out.
Look at the world they are creating!

Friday, May 15, 2009


What is happening in the world is about wakening up!
Were you making enough profit?
The Party is over.
You have topped the best sellers list.
Start a journal about the people that you ripped off during the boom years.
You have lost your power.
You are not in control of everything!

Monday, May 11, 2009


No matter how super intelligent you think you are and that which you portray to the world, there will always remain, a little child within. No matter how hard you are trying to make your corrupt deed appear honest and upright there will always be a guilt feeling within, and will spill out some day. Now who did you bribe with a few thousand? Which cartel were you part of? When does profit become corrupt? You have no idea how my heart weeps for those Corporate Kings, Financial Elite, Political Mermaids and Mermen who have lost millions. The world will suffer because of you.

Our expert representative in Europe who collectively are suppose to have the super intelligence to keep Europe afloat and recession free; Have they failed completely? A terrible failure in Europe is born. I hope they are spending enough on their expenses. It probably reads something life this: wallpaper costing £1500 a roll to decorate their pad, £1500 each for staff uniforms, flying fruit and flowers in from around the globe, cabbage from Ireland, bread and butter pudding from England. Maybe they are trying hard to keep up appearances and impress each other? What about us??? Whistleblower's please speak out, illuminate!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


If our governing bodies who are representing the people of Ireland, continue to manage the country like they have been doing for the last few years, we will end up with a very divided society. There will be the greedy very rich. The origin of swine flu will be from the slums of Dublin.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Is the fruit tree alive? Check out what it has produced, look at its fruits. You expect it to grow, blossom, produce and flourish. If it produces rotten fruits, disease has set in somewhere, or none at all, it is dead. If it is diseased, you treat the tree and cut away the diseased parts. If it is dead you uproot it and plant a new one.

What reforms need to take place in Ireland and governments around the world? It is quite clear some are dead. Disease has set in and has spread like an uncontrollable cancer, known as greed and corruption.

Governments can control and treat swine flu! They should have controlled and treated the causes of swine flu.