Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Humanity is living through uncertain and fearful times. Neither the Professor, Doctor, the world academic, who spent his life educating himself, or any of the super intelligent think tanks that ride into town, none of them, no living person can predict the future. The fact is, we don't have certainty in this life!

What about truth, where has it disappeared to? Truth spoken out, gives us hope and confidence in ourselves and our future. Governments continues the dehumanization of society. The desire for power, to control at all costs, combined with deep greed and stupidity is decapitating countries.

I believe that evil and darkness, was about to dominate the world. Business practises within many Governments and Financial Institutions is demonic. The elite earners are like serpents stealing and tearing human hearts. The clouds of smoke and smog continues to blind people, and will continue indefinitely.

Is this a warning sign for mankind? We have experienced turbulent years, 9/11, floods, tsunamies, earthquakes, volcanic activity, poverty, famine and diseases. It's safe when you read those headlines, its not happening at your back door. Times have changed, no one is escaping. Are we moving closer to self-destruction? The world is going through a transformation. Is civilisation moving closer to self-destruction?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


IN the beginning we are told God created Heaven and Earth. A few billion years later four or more God created humans. What was Ireland like before man? I suppose the first humans roamed around and were gored by wild animals. Then a massive discovery, they created the bow and arrow. This offered protection and food for the body. Hunting, gathering and storing became the way of life. The human brain was nudged on and learned about the seasons and the value of the earth.