Monday, May 11, 2009


No matter how super intelligent you think you are and that which you portray to the world, there will always remain, a little child within. No matter how hard you are trying to make your corrupt deed appear honest and upright there will always be a guilt feeling within, and will spill out some day. Now who did you bribe with a few thousand? Which cartel were you part of? When does profit become corrupt? You have no idea how my heart weeps for those Corporate Kings, Financial Elite, Political Mermaids and Mermen who have lost millions. The world will suffer because of you.

Our expert representative in Europe who collectively are suppose to have the super intelligence to keep Europe afloat and recession free; Have they failed completely? A terrible failure in Europe is born. I hope they are spending enough on their expenses. It probably reads something life this: wallpaper costing £1500 a roll to decorate their pad, £1500 each for staff uniforms, flying fruit and flowers in from around the globe, cabbage from Ireland, bread and butter pudding from England. Maybe they are trying hard to keep up appearances and impress each other? What about us??? Whistleblower's please speak out, illuminate!

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