Thursday, May 21, 2009


Lies, lies and more lies. Have you told many lies? A few thousand? A lie is false information given to another person with the intention of deceiving. There are small lies and big lies. Lots of big lies told over time have the ability to bring down a nation and destroy the lives of many people. That is why we are experiencing a financial blackout, a troubled economy and a decline in the building industry.

Another can of worms has just crashed open about our past, the Child Abuse report. The religious institutions at that time had power and privilege. Power was corrupt then just as it is today. Sometimes man turns into a beast, well he or she acts like one. The State did a brilliant cover up job. The truth eventually leaks out, but how many lives have been destroyed? Just like today no one had the courage to speak out, even though many knew that abuse was rampant in some institutions.

Time is running out! It's time for self-reflection into all parts of our life! I was very moved by a programme on terminal illness shown some time ago. On his death bed, this terminally ill man, spoke out about how he regretted, the suffering he inflicted on one of his friends. He wished that he was able to go to that person and say, he was sorry for his actions. The greatest examination of your life happens on your death bed,
don't wait until then, do it now!

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