Wednesday, June 8, 2011


What happened in Ireland?
Biggest collapse in economic growth
ever known in Ireland's history.
Prices rose higher than any country in the world.
Construction replaced exports.
Global banks gave Irish Banks money to lend.
Banks behaved like greedy children.
They had an infinite amount of money to lend out.

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  1. What is happening in Ireland is so much like what is happening here in the states. It would seem we are all linked, a chain reaction to this global world economy. Our seemingly smart politicians continue to keep their heads buried in the sand and none of them act like they have a brain in their head....they sold us all out by allowing the jobs to go everywhere so now our people are unemployed. Politicians act clueless. It does not take a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to see who pulled the rug out from under us (for the $ of course and greed), yet they act like they don't know why.