Thursday, May 6, 2010


Wealth gives people power and super big greedy eyes. I know all about it, palace life was superb, he is now in the top ten richest in the world. Life presented me with that opportunity and it was an amazing journey.

The fact is about 17% of the worlds population control 80% of the worlds wealth. This makes my blood boil.
What are your thoughts?


  1. Hi UB - appreciate the compliment on the painting - quite a simple technique - when you've done a painting you don't like it can be transformed into one you do - through scraping the paint in varying directions - with enough paint sometimes a good work emerges - perhaps such a work is closer to the unconscious

    - as regards the superrich and the inequalities in our society - my advice is to do something - be it helping in the community or writing about it - the upset or the outrage will thus be turned into a positive energy - thanks again!

  2. Hello UB, thanks for visiting and your lovely comments.
    As for me, wealth must come from God.
    Stay positive and it's what i am still learning.
    Of course we love more wealth....and I agree with the above sharing but we can break the rules.
    We can use out talent to find a decent living.
    That's the wealth I am looking for.