Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Are you like me snowed under by the number of emails that drop into your box? I wonder how many emails are our elected representatives receiving each week? I expect there are more email accounts in the country far higher than the population of Ireland?

I have signed up to a few newsletters and news websites. I gallop through them extracting what is vital and bin the rest. If I am under pressure I delete immediately. Full of the same news only written in a new way, most are selling items peppered with a bit of spice. People say, they have to and need to know all that is happening, but one cannot remember everything. Too much information, I don't need to know it all. What is the point? I can only retain and use a small amount. When sending emails, I don't use the draft box often enough. I park my email in it, return later, edit and then send. It helps to avoid making calamitous mistakes. Often, I prepare emails offline and paste into the draft box.

Maybe some of you are far better organised than I am, but the more files I have the harder it is to find something. Now what did I file that under, which one do I pick? Every so often I spend a few hours checking to see what can I delete? We live in an super information age.

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