Tuesday, August 18, 2009


During 1993 I left the employment a palace of one of the richest men in the world. I left behind a life style that I suppose many of you visiting crave, wish and hope to experience some day. So when I write about wealth, power and influence, believe me, I know first hand what I am talking about. I have been on very short shopping trips where I spent half a million sterling in fifteen minutes.

Climbing up the wealth ladder changes people, they become tidier, neater and want everything to run smoothly and be perfect. They sort of shift or move to what they perceive a more upmarket or superior lifestyle. They want to control their life and the lives of peoples around them to suit themselves. There is evidence of this false self all around, take a look and listen to those who have bought second or third homes during the last few years. Maybe you need to listen to yourself?
People are the same whether you have HRH, Professor, Doctor before your name or are a poor kid dying on the streets of India. The rich will be put on trial on their final day, when they take their last breath? Like you and me...........

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